Welfare for the environment,

The company Czech Blades continues the tradition of manufacturing blades in Jevíčko. It is a dynamic and reliable partner for its customers, but also for suppliers and other businesses it comes into contact with. Its policy focuses on the following areas:

We focus all company activities on achieving long-term prosperity while respecting and complying with all legal and other requirements. We eliminate inefficient processes and relationships. We develop business activities that use the potential of our manufacturing facility, skilled workforce and the tradition of our production program, all with a view to protecting the environment.

The environment and working environment
We strive to reduce the impact of the manufacturing process and finished products on the environment, especially by reducing material and energy consumption and by using raw materials and other material with less impact on the environment. With anticipation and proper preparation, we limit the risk of emergencies and their impact on the environment and occupational safety. By creating a positive work environment, we contribute to the maximum performance of our workforce while ensuring their health and safety.

Every employee in our organization knows the supplier and customer of his or her work; everyone is required to perform his or her task accurately and on time, and at the same time to apply all measures to improve quality, to reduce environmental impacts and respect the principles of occupational safety. We develop a personal relationship with all our staff and their loyalty to the company and its values is paramount. We actively develop the knowledge and skills of our employees, including their education in the field of occupational safety, quality control and environmental protection.

Relationship to the environment
We actively communicate with the public on projects that lead to the continuous improvement of the environment and to supporting the reputation of our company.