Czech Blades s.r.o. Code of Conduct

Our reputation as Czech Blades is extremely precious to us – we need to look after it and protect it. That is why we link our business activities with ethical principles. This orientation is one of the pillars of our long-term success. By acting in accordance with this policy, we all take care to ensure our company is successful and enjoys an excellent reputation. We have therefore decided to implement the principles of ethical behaviour in this Czech Blades Code of Conduct. Each supervisor and each employee is responsible for ensuring that their own behaviour complies with the policies set out in this document. We expect all employees to comply with the legal provisions and rules, and to comply with our own ethical principles.


Business ethics and moral integrity form the foundation of our credibility. It goes without saying that all employees comply with the applicable laws and regulations, and carry out their duties in a reliable manner. They must be honest and sincere in every aspect of their professional activity. We expect the same from our partners. We believe that ethical and economic values are indivisible, and that the business world must strive for mutually honest relations and for conduct within the given standards.

Our policy:

• We will always strictly adhere to local and international laws and regulations.

• We will always act honestly and respectfully with our business partners, suppliers, customers, employees and colleagues.

Employees are supported to report violations of ethical guidelines or policies. The first contact person is generally their direct supervisor. If an employee does not want to contact their direct supervisor, the HR manager or other representative of management may be contacted instead.

Conflicts of interest and bribery

Czech Blades expects loyalty to the company from its employees. All employees must avoid situations in which their personal or financial interests would be in conflict with the interests of Czech Blades. In particular, it is prohibited to engage in any dealings with competitors, suppliers or customers, or to establish private business relationships with such parties, where this could lead to a conflict of interest. Such a conflict occurs whenever the type or extent of participation permits any influence on how activities at Czech Blades are conducted.

No employee may accept benefits in any form, including, but not limited to, valuable personal gifts (over €50) or benefits that would result from the business relationships of Czech Blades, regarding which it must be obvious that they could affect business decisions or transactions. If an employee is not sure about the acceptability of a benefit, they must consult this with their direct supervisor. Invitations must take place within the limits of usual business hospitality.

In connection with business activities of any kind, no employee may provide unacceptable benefits to business partners, their employees, or other persons, or attempt to do so.  This principle should be applied particularly where the manner and extent of the benefit may unduly influence behaviour and decision-making.

Special restraint is required when dealing with officials and government employees.

Compliance with fair competition rules

Czech Blades are committed to fair and open competition. Our companies and our employees must not engage in illegal and/or criminal practices, such as illegal agreements on bids which would exclude, restrict or manipulate fair competition.

Donations and sponsorships

Sponsorship and donations are subject to approval by the Czech Blades management. They must be guided by the principles of legality and transparency. These activities are primarily focused on social aspects, in the form of granting assistance or support to minors, disabled persons, etc. or the institutions which effectively deal in providing such support. Support for developing projects within the city of Jevíčko and the region of Jevíčko that contribute to a better environment and quality of life of its inhabitants is also acceptable.

Handling internal information

All employees are required to ensure that information is transferred quickly and smoothly within the enterprise. Information relevant for carrying out activities shall not be unduly withheld, distorted, or transmitted selectively. Information must be forwarded to other departments without distortion and in complete form, unless – in exceptional cases – there exist special interests (e.g. confidentiality).


Corporate and business secrets must be treated with all due confidentiality. This also applies to other information whose confidentiality is in the interest of Czech Blades, its contractors, and customers. Such information shall not be transmitted to unauthorized persons without previous authorization. This obligation shall also continue after termination of employment.

Privacy protection policy

Czech Blades strictly apply the statutory provisions on personal data protection. Each employee must adhere to the data protection rules regarding employees, customers, suppliers, and other third parties who are in a business or other relationship with Czech Blades. In order to protect personal data, the necessary diligence must be exerted as part of the tasks assigned.

Documenting business operations

All business transactions must be documented in a full and error-free manner, both in accordance with the laws and the internal rules of Czech Blades.

Handling the property and assets of the company

All employees are required to handle company property effectively, efficiently, and in every possible respect responsibly. No employee may privately use the commercial goods or services of the enterprise in an unapproved manner.

Respect for human rights

Czech Blades respects human dignity and strives to respect and protect human rights. Every employee is responsible for ensuring that these fundamental rights are generally respected.

Inadmissibility of child labour

Child labour and any exploitation of children or juveniles is not permitted by Czech Blades.

Equal opportunities and non-discrimination

The diversity of employees contains great potential. We appeal to all employees to create an atmosphere of mutual respect and to resolutely oppose any discrimination on the grounds of racial or ethnic origin, gender, religion or world opinion, disability, age or sexual identity.

Health and safety

All employees are required to take care of their own health as well as the health and safety of the work environment. And to follow our safety regulations and procedures. Alcohol and drugs in the workplace are not permitted.

Environmental protection

Czech Blades takes responsibility for not damaging the environment. All personnel are therefore supported in order to prevent harmful effects from developing in the performance of their tasks. This is achieved through environmental objectives, preventive and corrective measures in terms of sound management, as well as handling natural resources – including water and electricity – responsibly. All related statutory and official duties must be performed accurately, including those resulting from our ISO 14001 certification.

The right of association and the right to collective bargaining

We fully respect the rights of employees to set up unions or organizations of their own choice in order to promote and protect the interests of employees, to join them and to leave them, as well as to participate in their activities. The employer and the elected representatives of employees cooperate with each other for the benefit of both the employees and the business.


Our ethical principles and Code of Conduct are the core of our corporate culture. Adherence to these principles throughout the company is essential – every employee is responsible for ensuring this happens. Managers have a special responsibility. They are encouraged to convey the meaning and content of the Code of Conduct to employees, to ensure they are adopted as a model, and to support the policy’s promotion. The above should not limit the scope for employees acting on their own responsibility within their respective competencies.

Company management

In Jevíčko, 1.7.2020

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