Czech Blades s.r.o.

Czech Blades is continuing the tradition of manufacturing blades in Jevíčko. 

Czech Blades s.r.o. represents a tradition of producing high-quality razor blades and industrial blades for more than 70 years. This purely Czech capital-funded company is a world-leading producer of stainless and carbon steel blades, maintaining the high standards of the previous owners Astra Diu and Gilette. The trademark’s portfolio includes the renowned brands TIGER, TATRA, SOKOL, LUXOR, LEON and INDUSTRIAL, which guarantee high quality and value for customers worldwide, especially in non-European countries. The company believes in being a reliable and dynamic partner.

Mission of the company

  • To meet all the requirements of contractual partners for the supply of stainless and carbon blades
  • To explore and leverage alternative distribution channels
  • To further develop the range and distribution of industrial blades
  • To exploit the potential of the production site for additional value-added activities

Company policy

Czech Blades is continuing the tradition of manufacturing blades in Jevíčko. The company is a dynamic and reliable partner focusing its policy on the following:

  • Prosperity

We focus all corporate activities toward long-term prosperity, while respecting and observing all legal and other requirements. Through constant improvement we eliminate inefficient processes and relationships. We develop business activities that exploit the potential of the production site, skilled labour, and the traditions of the production program.

  • Stakeholders

We focus all activities toward meeting the needs and expectations of stakeholders. Understanding these needs and expectations is a prerequisite for delivering better products and services to customers.

  • Natural and working environment

Environmental protection is interwoven with all of the company's activities. We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our production process and finished products, in particular by reducing material and energy demands, and using raw stock and materials which have less environmental impact. By anticipating and appropriately preparing processes, we reduce the risks of extraordinary situations, and of their potential impact on the environment and safety at work. By creating a favourable working environment, we contribute to the maximum performance of employees, while ensuring an adequate level of safety and health protection.

  • Employees

Every employee of our company knows the suppliers and the customers of their work. Each of them is obliged to perform their task accurately, in a timely manner, and to apply all measures necessary to improve quality, reduce the environmental impact, and comply with safe working practices. We evolve a personal relationship and foster the loyalty of each of our employees to the company and its mission. We actively improve the knowledge and skills of company employees through their education, including in areas such as occupational safety, quality and the environment.

  • Relationship to the wider world

We actively engage with the public in projects that lead to continuous improvement of the environment and to promoting the reputation of our company.

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